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Friends of Bachman Lake Newsletter - September 2022

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

“The power of imagination makes us infinite.” ― John Muir


Giving Days are Here!

Over the last 3 years we have been under the aegis of Dallas Parks Foundation, which has allowed us to participate in North Texas Giving Days. Unfortunately, the Foundation is dissolving and although we are now a stand-alone 501(c)3, we have to wait two years before being able to join NTxGD. Fret not!

We still are hoping to tap into the amazing giving nature of North Texans this month by asking you to Be a Hero and join our campaign to raise $5,000 for Bachman Lake Park. It's now easier than ever, with more ways to donate than we've had in the past!


We need you to send a short message to your City Council representative!

As we previously reported, DART collected excess sales tax revenue totaling $270 million dollars and $120 million will be coming back to Dallas for transportation-related projects. It's time to write requests to Omar, Jesse and Gay asking that they use these dollars to propel Bachman Area projects forward, many of which already have matching County funds. While you're at it, thank them for the improvements at the park (new pavilion roof, new playground material). The transportation projects we need are:

  • Denton Drive complete street from Walnut Hill Station to Inwood Station, paralleling the DART Green Line

  • Connection from Bachman to Campion, allowing Bachman Lake Park safe access to the DART Bachman Station

  • Installing Hawk signals along NW Highway for safe crossing to Bachman Lake Park

  • Converting one lane on Webb Chapel Bridge to pedestrian to complete the Bachman Lake Trail and add a sidewalk from the trail to the DART bus stop on NW Highway at Webb Chapel

  • Implementing a road diet to tame the traffic on Webb Chapel Extension


The Deluge and The Clean-up

In case you missed our social media post, we wanted to show you the amazing work done by Alcuin School and Greenspace Dallas the day after the deluge. Note all the trash along the shoreline and how pristine it looks after. LOVE!!!


Sticky-notes: what community feedback looks like!

On Tuesday, August 9th, we stopped by the Grauwlyer Recreation Center to see what the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) and the City of Dallas are planning for Harry Hines. We were especially interested in the proposals for the Harry Hines / Webb Chapel Ext / I-35 interchange and took pictures of the three options. Click on the black arrow on the image above to scroll through the slideshow.


Marshals and Rangers hard at work!

We are very grateful to the City of Dallas for finally funding Ranger patrols on the weekends for the major parks and also that they are supported by the County Marshals. Friends of Bachman Lake is receiving weekly updates on their great work and posting them as individual blog posts on our website. Read the reports for the weekend of 8/20 and the weekend of 8/27.



Our monthly plogging event is every 2nd Saturday of the month! Picking up litter while jogging (or walking or cycling) is an easy way to stay healthy and keep the park looking great! Grab a bag, a friend and help make our recreational jewel shine! Check our events list for any changes.

The community has spoken and asked for the Meet and Greet be moved to 5PM. Hey, we're not ones to get in the way of a cold beer! See you for our ‘meeting of the minds’ at Bluffview Growler on the 4th  Wednesday of the month. No RSVP needed.


Do you want to join the mailing list? Are you already on the list and need to update your information? Just click on the link below!



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