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Bachman Lake was originally constructed in 1903 by damming Bachman Branch as a water source for Dallas, but it proved to be too small for the city's needs which led to the construction of White Rock Lake in 1911. Today, Dallas Water Utilities operates the Bachman Water Treatment Plant (WTP), which is the city's oldest operating water treatment plant still in operation.

The area surrounding the lake is currently a hot bed of new construction. The Shops at Bluffview brought 260,000 square feet (24,000 m2) of upscale apartment, retail, restaurant and office development to the area in 2008. In 2019, Trinisc Residential completed the Aura at Bluffview, a 473-unit Class A apartment community on the lake's northeastern trailhead.


Today, Bachman Lake is used as a recreational area that includes the Bachman Recreation Center, several picnic areas, and a playground. A 3.3-mile (5.3 km) paved trail for pedestrians and cyclists surrounds the lake with fitness stations, benches, water fountains, restrooms, and picnic areas at several locations.

Bachman Lake also serves as the home of the Dallas Rowing Club and supports sailing and rowing with a marina and boathouse. Fishing is also permitted as the lake is regularly stocked with catfish (see Stocking Schedule). The feeding of wildlife is prohibited due to the lake's location in the flight path of Love Field.

Areas of Interest

There are many areas in and around Bachman Lake for you to explore. Navigate the map and select a point of interest for a brief description and even directions. We'll be adding to this map over time so if you feel that there should be a spot folks should know about, let us know!

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We've got friends in all places. As we advocate for a beautiful and safe Bachman Lake Park, we need the help of many allies. Among them are the agencies, departments, groups and officials listed here. Of course, more are welcome. Click on each logo for more about each Friend.


About Us

Friends of Bachman Lake is a volunteer organization for the support, maintenance and beautification of Bachman Lake Park and surrounding communities.


Diversity Equity and Inclusion


At Friends of Bachman Lake, we are committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in all aspects of our organization. We believe that every individual has inherent value and deserves to be treated with respect, dignity, and fairness, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or any other characteristic.

Through our events, promotions, recruitment and communication efforts, we affirm our commitment to representing the diverse residents surrounding Bachman Lake, honoring the area's history and its continuing evolution as a dynamic, multi-cultural, multi-lingual community.

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President - Susanna Brown
Treasurer - Joe Carreon
Secretary - Wendi Mueller

Communications - Michael Cintron


Board Members:

Nicole Vilchis

Celeste Crispin

Toby Grove

Andrew Matheny

Nick English

About FoBL
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