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Bachman Nature Trail

A native arboretum

The Bachman Lake Greenbelt, just east of the lake, is a 40-acre natural oasis right in the heart of Northwest Dallas. Over the last few years, Friends of Bachman Lake, along with various organizations and City departments, have worked hard to clear invasive privet, pick up litter, open paths for biking and walking, create signage and other features to educate nature-walkers and restore this area to its natural state. This includes the planting and care of wildflower zones and native species of ground cover and trees that complete, not compete with, the natural ecosystem meant to exists in this space. 

We're asking for your help to raise money to restore, improve and maintain these critical acres at the Greenbelt.

You've never had a back yard like this!
  • Plants indigenous to the Bachman Lake greenbelt area evolved in our unique climate to support local ecosystems and habitats.

  • These plants can aid in reducing erosion and the impact of flooding while at the same time helping to mitigate the heat island effect and help to clean our air and water.

  • A recreational space that preserves and utilizes native plant species minimizes maintenance.

We need your help to make it happen

What It Looks Like

The design team at Rooted In has created a landscape design plan that lays out the types of vegetation required for specific zones. The images in this section represent the various zones, plant types and renderings of the trail head. In addition to privet removal, this is where funds are needed most in order to restore the natural flora along the greenbelt.

Use the arrows to scroll through the images. Click to enlarge.

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  • Why is the Greenbelt so important?
    The Bachman Lake Greenbelt is one of the few natural green spaces left in Dallas. The Bachman area in Northwest Dallas unfortunately has more concrete than green and this results in a 'heat island' effect that gets worse each summer. Green spaces mitigate heating by absorbing pollutants and creating shade that keeps the ground cooler. To create paths and an ejoyable experience for visitors, invasive species of privet must be removed. Invasive plants obstruct the growth of the natural vegetation and interrupt the natural ecosystem that is meant to be there. We need your help to restore this area.
  • Why are the costs so high?
    The Greenbelt is on Dallas Park and Recreation land. However, City budgets constrain the department's ability to clean and maintain the Greenbelt side of the park, focusing on the main lake and park instead. Bond funds raised by the City are not used for grounds maintenance and cleanup so it's left up to groups, organizations and citizens just like you to raise awareness and raise the funds. While the initial restoration costs seem high, the subsequent maintenance and cleanup required should reduce the needed funds once the acreage has been restored to its natural state. We anticipate that it will take about five years to achieve this state.
  • What are the benefits to the community?
    RESTORE BIODIVERSITY Invasive species decrease the biodiversity of ecosystems, threatening the survival of native plants and animals. Restoring the Bachman Greenbelt to a native texas prairie and riparian ecosystem re-establishes over 40 urban acres that have been lost. IT'S A MATTER OF HEALTH The benefits of a healthy Bachman Greenbelt ecosystem are numerous. The Greenbelt will help control extreme temperatures and reduce noise for local residents. It will provide paths for local enthusiasts to exercise and enjoy the outdoors – a proven health benefit. Native Texan prairie land has been shown to be a fantastic natural carbon sink, reducing the effects of global warming and CO2. With more natural spaces available for residents to enjoy, the added health benefits of exercise, walking, biking and more are obvious. SOCIAL IMPACT The Bachman Greenbelt benefits Dallas communities that are underserved by parks and greenspaces. If you measure the health and vitality of a city by the abundance of green space, Northwest Dallas is severly lacking. We need to change this. The Greenbelt urban nature preserve is adjacent to areas of Dallas with high housing density and high concentrations of children. It's a natural oasis right in our back yards so why not restore this beautiful area and make this urban arboretum a reality? Bachman Lake Park is among the most popular recreation areas in Dallas. Let's add to that experience! Please help.
  • Who is Rooted In and what role does this company play in the Greenbelt project?
    Experts in landscape design and horticulture with a focus on native Texas vegetation, Rooted In offers eco-friendly and water smart landscape and garden solutions with positive community impact. Frome their website: "Through sustainable and eco-friendly design, our past projects thrive independently in their natural Texas environment. Each living space continues to grow, change, and enrich the community long after completion." The experts at Rooted In have been greatly involved with Project Greenbelt almost from the start. They have provided guidance as to the types of plants that thrive at the Greenbelt and have also broken down quantities and cost estimates as part of their design plan. When you see how great the Greenbelt is looking, you can thank Rooted In!
  • I'm not able to donate right now. How else can I help?
    There are several events throughout the year that you can help volunteer for. You can also encourage your company to participate in our Adopt-A-Shoreline program. Both these opportunities focus on the main park and lake but your participation also frees up resources to help the Greenbelt.
  • I have more questions. How do I get in touch?
    You can always feel free to contact us via email at with your questions.
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