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Your lake. Your park. 
Your voice.

Green Team


Greenbelt and Prairie Restoration

You can help make Bachman Lake Park the recreational hub that area residents deserve. Help us keep the park clean and safe and enhance the enjoyment for all by focusing on our green spaces. The Bachman Lake Greenbelt is in desperate need of cleaning, brush clearing, native plant nurturing, foot trails and bridges that will traverse natural obstacles. You can help make this an amazing escape like no other in our area! 

If you can't volunteer, don't forget that your donations help fund the necessary activities and supplies to restore the Greenbelt, plant native flora and build bridges so the foot trails can connect. Help enhance the park experience!



Plogging is a term derived from picking up litter while jogging. At Bachman Lake Park you're invited to join us on the First Saturday of each month to pick up litter around the park while you enjoy the outdoors. Bring a friend, a bag and help keep your park enjoyable for everyone! 

Don't forget that your donations help keep clean-up supplies handy and help us sponsor more events to enhance the park experience!

Tree Guardians

You can volunteer to be a Bachman Lake Tree Guardian! Similar to Adopt a Shoreline, the Tree Guardians commit to adopting a small stretch of newly planted and established trees and groves by watering on a set schedule, mulching and keeping trash, debris and other detractors of the health and beauty of our green canopy away from our valuable trees. Tree Guardians also report damage or other issues to Dallas Park and Recreation for attention and remediation.

Did you know that Dallas has its own arborist who can help you identify pests such as the emerald ash borer which is killing our beautiful ash trees? Did you also know that it costs nearly $2,000 per tree to maintain and water without the help of citizen volunteers!

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