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2 Years Later, Some Steady Winds: Schools Are Being Rebuilt

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

We can finally say that construction for the schools destroyed by the 2019 tornado, is finally progressing steadily. Are you curious about the construction for the tornado-ravaged Thomas Jefferson High School campus and the new Walnut Hill International Leadership Academy? Check out this drone video from John Bruszer to get a view of what’s happening behind the construction fencing.

Regarding the old Walnut Hill Elementary School, it is going to become a career institute for trades. In the last few months, City Council moved to approve the height zoning change required to build this large facility, despite valid concerns from neighbors. DISD staffers stated that Walnut Hill is an ideal location because it allows for students attending Thomas Jefferson, Hillcrest, W.T. White, and Conrad high schools to less than a 20 minute drive. Read more here...

One of our neighbors, who lives in the area, has been doing a great job sending out updates to about the work on Thomas Jefferson High School and the new Walnut Hill International Leadership Academy (PK-8). In his most recent status update, he says, that there is "nothing extraordinary to report other than they’re putting in the windows at Thomas Jefferson, which is a nice milestone." Here are some other updates and images he shared:

Overall Site

  • Temporary street parking goes into effect while sewer, water & loading dock enclosure is being performed at TJ

  • Water containment system has been backfilled

  • Pouring parking lot & phase 1 driveway

  • Storm water line being installed from TJ to main water containment

  • Football field & tennis courts removal will take place prior to Christmas 2021. New track turf to be completed towards end of overall project.

Thomas Jefferson High School

  • Pouring of cafeteria foundation is complete

  • Library steel is being installed

  • Window installation on South side beginning

  • Roofing continues on existing building

  • Level 2 framing complete. Mechanicals being installed.

Walnut Hill International Leadership Academy (PK-8)

  • Slab on grad concrete foundation is complete

  • Installing masonry around the competition gym



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