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Air-conditioning and Books? Sounds like summer heaven...

As you know we have two wonderful libraries within walking distance of Bachman Lake and Grauwlyer, they not only have air conditioning, they have amazing books, CDs, and music that you can check out for free with your library card! Unfortunately, these amazing libraries do not have Friends groups to help support them. If books are your thing, then stop by and talk to the managers to start a friends group or just to volunteer! At Bachman, the manager is Davis Doyle and at Grauwlyer it is Karyn Choi.

By the way, it is very simple to get a library card by either visiting a branch or by completing the form online and then picking-up your card at the branch you selected. Don't forget to bring along your ID! If your ID does not show your current address, bring two forms of identification: one to prove your identity with a photo and one to show your place of residence. Examples include:

  • driver's license

  • voter’s registration card (current)

  • lease agreement (current)

  • vehicle insurance (current)

  • passport

  • checkbook

  • online bill

  • current mail with physical address (within last 30 days). Mail must be typewritten or computer-generated

  • letter on letterhead from a shelter

Children can receive a library card when visiting their local branch with a parent or guardian. The parent/guardian must present two forms of identification (outlined above) or the child's report card and/or ID (valid for schools within the City of Dallas only). The child does not need to be present if the guardian has the child's school registration, birth certificate, or other means of identification.

Dallas is following in the footsteps of San Antonio, and in the next several months, they will be issuing (by request) enhanced library cards, which would show the recipient’s photo, name, address, date of birth and phone number. It would be accepted by the police and other city departments as a valid ID.



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