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Friends of Bachman Lake Newsletter - December 2023

"It's fruitcake weather" – Truman Capote

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It Took One Amazing Day To Turn Mundane Into Fabulous!

It sure takes a village and did we ever see a community in action in November during the 2023 Gables Day. The Gables Residential team was out in full force with energetic volunteers, along with Parks and others, to do a complete makeover of the Bachman Lake Greenbelt trail entry zone behind the Embassy Suites. This was purely a team effort to behold, not just involving Gables Residential volunteers, but Dallas Park and Recreation, Greenspace Dallas, Texas Conservation Alliance, and RootedIn. From cleanup, to bridge building to digging holes for signs and markers, a non-descript area of the Greenbelt has now become an amazing respite and gateway to a wonderful walk through nature.

There is still more work to be done but we are very proud of what has been accomplished to date. If you want to visit the nature trail, park by Cadence Cyclery / Bluffview Growler and head straight back to the Bachman Greenbelt (see map). You will see the landscape work, behind the Embassy Suites and you can meander along the nature trail loop. We are still doing work on the trail and finishing the second bridge but it is a peaceful walk.


Local Newscast Highlights Unresolved Issues At Bachman

For all the victories we celebrate, we're reminded of the challenges yet to be met. Our area features a vibrant and diverse population with one common green space at Bachman Lake but many issues getting there.

Dallas Spanish-language TV station Telemundo 39 recently caught up with Susanna Brown, president of Friends of Bachman Lake, to draw attention to the needs of the community regarding safe access to the park and the need for simple accommodations for pedestrians, such as more shading along the heavily used trail.

The video above is also on our YouTube channel. For English speakers, turn on the closed captioning and change the settings to Translate and then select English.


After Clearing Paths, What's Next?

Yes, we actually can have nice things! But what about keeping them? While we've made great progress along the Bachman Lake Greenbelt and have now cleared paths along the emerging nature trails thanks to donors and volunteers, there still will be upkeep, cleaning and general maintenance needs along the road ahead.

The following piece highlights the challenges that Dallas Park and Recreation faces with a plan to continue to green up spaces. How are things going to be kept green?

Regarding the Bachman Greenblet, we need to put together a plan for the continued development and support of the Bachman Greenbelt and we need YOUR help. Because these are nature trails, we cannot count on funds from the City. Are you interested in joining a sub-group of Friends of Bachman Lake to figure out a plan? Let us know.


The new EASY Button!

A friend recently told us about a website called Airnoise (, which simplifies the reporting of off-hours flights from Love Field Airport. We have tested the functionality and it definitely simplifies submitting noise complaints and it keeps track of your entries over time. If you are tired of re-entering your contact information and looking up the offending flight every time, this just might be the tool for you, consider it our holiday present!

Airnoise is a mobile-friendly web application, meaning you can open it in a mobile browser on your phone or tablet and use it just like an app and you can add an icon to your mobile device's home screen to quickly access Airnoise. Once you login to your account and check 'Remember me' on your mobile device you will be able to quickly access the application to easily generate a complaint.


Bachman Lake t-shirt

T-Shirts Are Here!

The latest batch of T-Shirts are here! For every $20 donation, you can order a t-shirt up to 4 total shirts. You'll have the chance to specify each size. Order here!

Once we place the order and it's printed, we'll let you know at the email you provide so we can tell you how to pick it up. We are targeting dates and locations for our cleanup and meet-up events so we'll let you know!

Plogging is every first Saturday at Bachman Lake Park

Our Monthly Cleanup is every first Saturday!

You just need you but feel free to add friends and family to our monthly Plogging activities. Basically, it's picking up litter while jogging (or walking). A bag, some company if you like and a trip around the lake will help you stay active and healthy and keep the park beautiful!

Meet and Greet the group at the Bluffview Growler on Northwest Highway every 4th Wednesday at 5pm

See you in 2024!

Note: We have some of the biggest holidays of the year upon us so we'll resume our meet-and-greet sessions in January. Please enjoy your holidays with the people that make you happy and we'll see you in 2024!


Thank you for reading the Friends of Bachman Lake newsletter. Do you want to join the mailing list? Are you already on the list and need to update your information? Just click on the link below!


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