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The Lemmon Ave Trail Construction is Starting!

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

The Lemmon Ave Trail is a project being funded by Love Field Airport to enhance and beautify the property that they own beyond the fence that encircles their property. Yes, surprise, surprise, Love Field owns the perimeters on both sides of Lemmon Avenue from Shorecrest to Mockingbird! The trail will parallel Lemmon Ave from Mockingbird to the Webb Chapel Bridge, mainly on the East side of Lemmon.

We have received confirmation from the Patrick Carreno's office, he is the Director of Aviation, that funding for this project was approved by City Council this summer. In fact, mobilization for the project starts in the next couple of weeks! If you want more details, we recommend you attend the Good Neighbor Program meeting on October 17th from 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM. The meeting is held at the Aviation Foxtronics Building (3448 West Mockingbird Lane, 2nd Floor).

  • The improvements being implemented include sidewalks, bicycle paths, landscaping, gateway features (art), lighting, intersection safety improvements, traffic signals, way finding signage and a neighborhood pocket park.

  • Trails will be 12 ft. mixed-use with 10’ in areas with right-of-way constraints with enhanced pedestrian crossings connecting to the Bachman Lake Trail system

  • Main Gateway feature at Lemmon Avenue/Airdrome Drive triangle and two (2) secondary gateway features at Lovers Lane and Shorecrest Drive

  • Project limits extended to Airdrome Drive and Mockingbird Lane (@ Collville Avenue)

Hats off to the Department of Aviation for listening to the neighbors regarding these needed improvements and then taking it a step further by marking art accessible in the Bachman Area.

Image showing various depictions of the Lemmon Avenue Trail features


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