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Equal Heart - Our Local Food Bank!

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Less than a mile north of Bachman Lake is our very own food bank: Equal Heart. Equal Heart was founded in 2014 and hired its first paid staff member in March 2015. By August 2015, they were already the largest non-profit summer food service program in Texas. Equal Heart works with 55 partner organizations, 395 AmeriCorps members, and leverages hundreds of volunteers to help fight hunger. If you or your organization is interested in helping out, they can take up to 50 volunteers daily, Monday through Friday. The time slot is fixed from 10am-1pm, whether you go as a group or an individual.

What is amazing about Equal Heart is that they recognize that the same forces that restrict a person's ability to feed their children also constrains their ability to access services. To combat this, Equal Heart operates a Mobile Food Pantry and Mobile Summer Meals programs. Check out these statistics about the Bachman Area, which is why families so much need and appreciate this non-profit.

Equal Heart supports programs that annually provide 1.5 million pounds of bulk food for 5,000+ families and over 3 million prepared meals for 15,000 children in after-school and summer programs. A large percentage of food items come from surplus food stock. Healthy food that has been rejected by traditional producers, retail and wholesale distributors. Reclaiming close to 900,000 pounds of food reduces hunger and helps the environment.

Every summer, Equal Heart coordinates a fleet of trucks to deliver daily meals to children living at 38 apartment communities in the Dallas area. Staffed by AmeriCorps members, this 10 week program routinely provides over 250,000 prepared meals to 2,200 children. Overlaid around the meal service, members engage children to increase their physical activity.

The skinny:

  • Website:

  • Address: 2862 Nagle St. Dallas, TX 75220

  • Mission: Support people in times of adversity

  • Monday- Friday from 10am-1pm- see attached flyer for other details.

  • Who to contact is you want to help: Patricio Gonzalez-




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