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FoBL Newsletter - November 2021

“The most powerful weapon against your daily battles is finding the courage to be grateful anyway.” – Unknown


Don't miss the meeting with the North Texas Council of Governments on Thursday, November 4th at 5:30PM. Registration is required to attend.

Help us demand a shift in their design focus from vehicular to pedestrian/cycling transportation. Removing Hines Park or affecting the newly opened Frasier Dam Recreation Area for ramps to I-35, are counter to the area goals of expanding green spaces. While you are at it, let's get a real explanation for why a north entrance to Love Field is even needed!


On October 30th, Love Field helped to host a community 'trash-off' for the disposal of batteries, water based pain, oil, anti-freeze, electronics, tires, and mattresses. We had not had one of these collections in our area for years and the organization of the event was fantastic!

A big thank you to Dallas County, the City of Dallas and Love Field.

Read more on why events like this are so important to our community and what you can do if you missed the event on Saturday!


Our "I Remember When" series continues with Karen Fields' memories of growing up around Bachman Lake

From working at M.E. 5&10, to volunteering at the Walnut Hill Library, you will love reading about Karen's experiences. She is an amazing neighbor living in the Midway Hollow area. We are very grateful that she joined us at a recent Growler Meet & Greet, which is what got this entire section in our newsletter started! We laughed as she swapped stories with Tim Dickey, and are glad she agreed to share with you fun childhood around Bachman Lake!! Read on...


Every fall, Dallas Public Library distributes backpacks filled with supplies for the winter to unhoused neighbors. Want to help? Bring items to the Bachman Lake or Grauwlyer branch locations by November 17. Please limit donations to these items:

New or gently used backpack, Gloves, Warm hat, Poncho, Warm Socks, Scarf, or a Fleece blanket

You could also make a monetary donation to our Homeless Engagement Initiative and let the Friends fill the backpacks. Follow this link to donate.


The City of Dallas and Dallas County are partnering on work to improve Lovers Lane. The City is in the process of selecting a consultant for the preliminary conceptual engineering work. This is following the Dallas County approval for the project, which took place in August. The Dallas County briefing indicates that the Lovers Lane work will extend from Lemmon Ave to Lomo Alto. The Park Cities would pick up the Lovers Lane section East of Lomo Alto. You can find the brief details here.

Thought we would add an inspirational picture, so that the City will consider bike lanes and angled parking, as they re-imagine Lovers Lane. Hint, hint...


Reminding you again that the birds are still migrating!!

Don't forget to turn out all non-essential lights from 11 pm - 6 am every night until November 30th!



Our monthly plogging event is every 2nd Saturday of the month and in September we are plogging and walking for the American Heart Association!! Come join us, Bachman Lake Together and Love Field in this great cause.

Please register and remember that fundraising is optional!

The community has spoken and asked for the Meet and Greet be moved to 5PM, we are not ones to get in the way of a cold beer! See you for our ‘meeting of the minds’ at Bluffview Growler on the 4th  Wednesday of the month. No RSVP needed.


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