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How T-Shirts Foster Community

Friends of Bachman Lake recently created our very first t-shirt with the help of Dan Bradley and his local custom printing company, Bullzerk. Dan and his team prints every shirt manually at their warehouse on Hall St. and are proud to be a mainstay of Dallas, partnering with local charities and organizations and investing the proceeds right back into our communities. But how can a simple t-shirt bring people together?

When members of a community find others with a shared love of that community, a connection is formed. The Friends of Bachman Lake community hopes to bring more awareness to our little slice of nature here in Northwest Dallas by proudly wearing our design out and about, encouraging others to take notice, ask questions, and join our efforts! According to Bradley, "when you run into somebody wearing a shirt that identifies with you, it's easy to stop and talk to them."

A shared goal and vision is more effective - and more fun - when other like-minded community members and neighbors proudly display their passion. It's a conversation-starter, and way to break to the ice with a complete stranger. Friends of Bachman Lake hopes to foster a greater sense of community by visually advocating for our lake, trails, parks and playgrounds.

If you see a Bachman Lake t-shirt around town, stop and say hello! And stay tuned for ways in which you too can order your very own Friends of Bachman Lake apparel.

Friends of Bachman Lake Board of Directors, modeling our new shirts!



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