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If You Don't Ask, You Don't Receive.... Can We Have Some DART Dollars, Please?

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Safe passage for residents to the North of the park:

  • Fund the complete street request for Denton Dr, that would connect Northaven Trail to Bachman Trail to Trinity Strand Trail (this is already funded by Dallas County and needs City $)

  • Install Hawk signals along NW Hwy to improve access to Bachman Lake Park (this is already funded by Dallas County and needs City $)

  • Implement a road diet on Webb Chapel Ext

To the West, connect Bachman Lake Trail to the DART station and the Campion Trail via the Frazier Dam Recreation Area

  • Two major regional facilities and currently there is no safe access to the DART station

  • The planning stage of this project is fully funded, moving to the next phase needs to be added to the next bond package

Completing Bachman Lake Trail and reactivating the Bachman Greenbelt

  • See Lemmon Ave project under Dpt of Aviation, it will connect at Webb Chapel Bridge and Webb Chapel Bridge is very dangerous. Propose taking a lane up of the bridge to complete the trail

  • There is a plan to ‘re-imagine’ Lovers Lane with a bike trail that extends into the Park Cities, this complete street will connect to Lemmon Ave Trail.

  • 40 acres of park land could be reactivated, however this needs to be a defined project by the city.



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