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Making Friends with Birds

On Saturday, June 19th Friends of Bachman Lake joined forces with several other local organizations for the Birds of Bachman Lake Event, hosted by Bachman Lake Together. We were thrilled that the renovation of the recreation center was completed and appreciated the help from the parks department to make tables and chairs available for use on the nicely shaded back patio. This fun and educational morning was spent with members of the Bachman Lake community learning all about BIRDS! Bachman Lake Together focuses on the children in our community & their need for a strong foundation to become successful throughout their lives. Seven families & seventeen children participated in the event on Saturday, & it was an enjoyable morning spent with these eager, young faces.

We started the morning by reading a story - in English & Spanish - about birds building a nest. Then the children visited different stations where they took a nature walk along the lake - binoculars in tow - to view the birds; built a bird feeder out of pinecones, peanut butter, & birdseed; crafted their own unique bird by pasting various cardboard bird parts together; and played a bird identification game where they could win prizes. Families were also provided drinks & snacks, allowing more time to socialize & let the children play.

Friends of Bachman Lake was honored to be invited to assist with this event, alongside Groundwork Dallas & staff/volunteers from Love Field Airport. It truly emphasized the need to reach out to members of our Bachman Lake community to highlight the importance of our natural surroundings. More importantly it was a great opportunity to get to know each other and create friendships, as its those ties that help stitch our neighborhoods together.



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