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Friends of Bachman Lake Newsletter - March 2023

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine” ― Anthony D'Angelo


No North Entrance, Mockingbird Study Being Pursued!

On February 7th, 2023, during a presentation to the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, it was repeated twice that the north entrance to the airport is not going to be pursued. Instead, the City will be focusing on improvements to Mockingbird Lane as detailed in the proposed study (see details below). It has taken four years, and we are very gratified that the voices of the communities around Love Field were heard, and that the City is starting work on the airport entrance issues in a way that better uses our tax payer dollars while also protecting our park! If you want to see the details of the presentation, we have it all in our blog post.


Where The Rubber Meets the Road, Connecting The Dots On The Map

On Friday, January 20th, Friends of Bachman Lake participated in the 7th Trail Infrastructure Ride. We were thrilled to meet up with Parks Director, John Jenkins, and members of the Park Board: Jeff Kitner, Tim Dickey and Rudy Karimi as we explored possible future connections between the Northaven Trail and Bachman Lake. Check out our photo storyboard of the ride!


2.6 Million Visitors over 5 Years

We took a deep dive into data from Placer, courtesy of real estate firm Transwestern. Placer provides anonymized location data from mobile phones, allowing retailers to measure foot traffic in shopping centers and major points of interest. According to Placer, Bachman Lake Park received more than 600,000 visits in 2022. This is the highest level since 2017 (when Placer's data begins) and may be an all-time record.


Ready to Move In: Bat Houses at Bachman

In Northwest Dallas, we live close enough to the lake and creeks, that on a hot summer night, you may see the tiny Mexican free-tailed bat zooming around eating insects. Each night, bats eat their own body weight in insects and for us that means a lot fewer mosquitos! Because of this, we are so excited that Julia Kerr chose the Bachman greenbelt as one of the locations for her bat house project. For her Silver Girl Scout Award project, Julia has installed two bat houses at Bachman.

Preston Hollow People picked up the story from us and we hope the news of her good work continues to expand.



Show up, pick up, clean up. Now every first Saturday!

Our monthly #Plogging event is now every first Saturday of the month! Picking up litter while jogging (or walking or cycling) is an easy way to stay healthy and keep the park looking great! Grab a bag, a friend and help make our recreational jewel shine! Check our events list for any changes.

See you this month!

Our ‘meeting of the minds’ at Bluffview Growler is on the 4th Wednesday of the month. No RSVP needed. Show up, say hello, grab a beverage and come sit with us to have some laughs and great talk!


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