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No Dry Faces As Aquatic Center Opens

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

No, not tears, but it sure was a special "wet-ting" day!

Bachman Aquatic Center meandering pool

The long-anticipated Bachman Lake Aquatic Center had its ribbon cutting ceremony on May 19 and despite the weather, there was nothing that was going to get in the way of the fun.

On hand to open the Aquatic Center were Dallas Park and Recreation staff and board members, along with Director John Jenkins, Dallas City Council Members Omar Narvaez (District 6) and Jesse Moreno (District 2), as well as other guests. Sporadic downpours washed over the crowd but dispositions remained sunny as restless children and their families waited for any lapse in rain and thunder to break in the brand new pools and features. Spoiler alert: The rainy weather finally did subside!

Lounge chairs, umbrellas and anticipation were all part of the Aquatic Center opening experience in the rain on May 19,2023.

Kudos to Dallas Park and Recreation, Council Member Omar Narvaez and all the organizers for having back-up plans to back-up plans. Guests and families were safely kept out of the rain as staff moved chairs around as if they were changing scenes in a 3-act stage production. As storms intensified, the crowd was moved indoors where jubilant speeches were given by Council members, park board members and others.

Meanwhile, children itching to get in the water were standing (or sitting) by, kicking their heels and looking to the skies in anticipation of better weather. They would eventually get their chance as the event hours were extended to accommodate the better forecasted conditions.

After various remarks from City and Park officials, Council Members and Park Board Member Timothy Dickey, the event was once again ushered outdoors for food and fun which, despite the rain, kids managed to have no matter what space they decided to occupy. No pool? No problem!

The opening of the Aquatic Center at Bachman Lake is a significant milestone that District 6 Council Member Omar Narvaez emphatically attributes to the resilience and strength of a community whose only park has long been overlooked. Narvaez's remarks also point to the upcoming Skate Park for Bachman Lake as well as improvements to the playground area as part of upcoming upgrades. (see the video below)

The facility is the 9th aquatic facility in the City of Dallas and, as local residents and representatives like to point out, the only one with a view of a lake!

For more information about the Regional Aquatic Center at Bachman Lake, including hours of operation, visit the Dallas Aquatics website.





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