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Green Team

Go green, live green! By volunteering for our Green Team you are joining a force of eco-concerned individuals working toward keeping and enhancing the green spaces around Bachman Lake. The focus of the Green Team is in the following areas:

Bachman Greenbelt

Tree Guardians

Plogging & Cleanup

Bike Handles

Trail Blazers

The Bachman Lake Trail Blazers literally keep things together! The focus of the work involves protecting and enhancing:

Seamless mobility in and around the Park

Biking activities and expanding access to the Park and its features

Connectivity to other trails and parks

Safe access and crossings around Bachman Lake Park

Adopt a Shoreline

New to Bachman Lake, Adopt-A-Shoreline gives your group, business, school or church the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy at the park by adopting a stretch of the shoreline around the lake and committing to keeping it free of litter and debris. It's a free and easy way to contribute to the health and vibrancy of Bachman Lake Park! Use the email link below and we'll be in touch with your group to discuss the program, its commitments and what stretch of the Bachman Lake shoreline you're interested in helping keep clean!

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