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Be There, It Makes a Difference!

We need your help in attending the public Town Hall meetings for the proposed City of Dallas 2022-23 budget, which run through August 25th. Most of these meetings will be in person. D13’s next meeting is Saturday, 8/20 at noon and D2/D6 will have a session at the Bachman Recreation Center on 8/23 at 6:30. Here's the upcoming schedule and meeting details:


* We appreciate the City Manager proposing funding for rangers and marshalls to increase security at Bachman Lake Park and other parks.

* In the Budget, there is an increase in funding to protect the tree canopy and slow the spread of the Emerald Ash borer. We have lost ancient oaks in our area and our ash grove is being threatened, so these dollars are greatly appreciated.

* We also thank the City for proposing an increase in hours for the Bachman Lake Library and for work being considered in addressing issues with Joe’s Creek.

* Of the $1.2M being added to the budget to operate and maintain trails, we ask that the City complete the Bachman Trail Loop over the Webb Chapel Bridge, one of the most dangerous trail sections in the City.

* There are 40 acres in the Bachman Greenbelt that have been abandoned and are inaccessible to park goers. With environmental equity in mind, the City should invest in enhancing existing park spaces where residents can easily access them.

* As work is being considered for Joe’s Creek, we ask that Bachman Creek flooding also be studied as the water volumes and floods are eroding precious park land.

* NW Dallas has been forgotten in the trail planning and safe access conversation. There are now clear recommendations and up to $14M in matched funds from Dallas County to address this disparity. We need for the City to help move these projects which have also been vetted by NCTCOG in the completed Bachman Area Plan. The recommendations include hawk signals for NW Hwy to access Bachman Lake, making Denton Dr. a complete street from Walnut Hill to Inwood, connecting Bachman Lake Trail to the Campion Trail and making a safe connection to the Bachman DART station for the regional skate park and aquatic center.



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