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Internet is Infrastructure and the Bachman Lake Area Needs that Too

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

After raising our voices the last couple of years regarding the lack of safe access to Bachman Lake Park, we are finally getting some progress on transportation planning thanks to the ongoing NCTCoG study. We have heard some amazing transformative proposals and look forward to their next update in the next couple of months. Remember that as a regional entity, NCTCoG will have the ability to leverage state and federal dollars in ways that the City of Dallas itself cannot.

It is important to understand that there is not a single bucket that provides funds for the myriad of needs for our neighborhoods which is why we should not shy away from making big asks to everyone who will listen. Your neighborhood might need new gas lines but you are well within your rights to ask for safe passage to/from a DART station too. Gas is ATMOS and they need to fix those gas lines and safe passage to DART is the City of Dallas, but we also need better trails and pedestrian access and also Internet service! It's not a zero sum game where one bucket has to take from another. Always ask for what you need.

With regard to broadband access, Internet for Dallas, part of the Internet for All Coalition, revealed that the lack of access and affordability for many students attempting online learning was extremely problematic for 24 zip codes in Dallas. The coalition is comprised of local school districts, the city of Dallas, Dallas County and other organizations. Guess what? The Bachman Lake area is on the list, with 75220 and 75235 being among the least connected when you compare population metrics with adoption rates and access to broadband.

We need to not only get better and safer sidewalks and trails, we also need fast and cheap internet. Please help complete the Internet for Dallas survey, to promote the needs of our area. You can do good and also win a $300 gift card!



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