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Friends of Bachman Lake Newsletter - May 2024

Updated: May 8

"I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles." – Anne Frank

Friends of Bachman Lake logo panels in horizontal arrangement

Bond Voyage!

Greenspace Dallas helping take privet brush to a dumpster at the Greenbelt

Dallas residents overwhelmingly approved the 2024 Bond package in the recent election and thanks to those votes, our parks, including Bachman Lake, are getting some needed love. There are a lot of needs in this city and sometimes the limited funds create a bit of tension among neighborhood interests. But one thing we know for sure is that the critical park funds are not just about making our spaces pretty. There are environmental and health impacts as well.

This post made before the election lays out some of the key impacts:


Weather Or Not, This Was Monumental

Totality over Dallas, April 8, 2024
Totality Over Northwest Dallas on April 8, 2024

Look up the definition of uncertainty and a picture of North Texas in springtime is sure to be included, right? We're at that unpredictable weather time of year but while nature taketh away, it also giveth. Take, for exmple the April 8 total solar eclipse. It didn't look promising at first, as clouds were building right before the moment of totality. So much angst and disappointment seemed to be inevitable. And then it happened. The skies darkened, the clouds parted, the people around the neighborhoods cheered, and then silence and awe. There really are no words. Next one over our back yards: 2317.


Spring Cleaning Underway!

SWA employees removing privet brush
Privet removal also includes brush removal. Thank you Southwest Airlines!

While weather was kind to most of us for the eclipse, it did cash in some disappointment chips on April 20 with the cancellation of It's My Park Day due to rain. But remember that you'll be praying for that rain in August so cherish the downpours.

Thanks to Southwest Airlines, Bachman Lake got a spring cleaning anyway just four days later with a team of over 200 employees helping pick up trash at the lake and, as a bonus, giving the Greenbelt some love too. A team helped move dead privet brush to dumpsters and thanks to their hard work, the Greenbelt has never looked better. There's still much more to do, but we're grateful to our allies. More events are in store in the coming weeks and months so stay tuned!

Click images to enlarge


Workers in East Dallas repair a fence during hot weather
Photo: Dallas Morning News

Some Islands Are Not Paradise

You've heard of the term "heat island" and it's becoming more of an issue as our summers get hotter. With population growth comes development and with development comes concrete. That's what's happened in many parts of North Texas and among the most notable places for the heat island effect is right in our area.

Read this report from the Dallas Morning News:


Map showing Adopt-A-Shoreline zones at Bachman Lake Park

A $2M Wish We're Going to Make Come True

The Bachman Lake Greenbelt is a natural area unlike any other in Northwest Dallas. Thanks to partners such as urban landscape specialists TBG, horticultural experts RootedIn, cleanup partners like Bank of America, Southwest Airlines, Greenspace Dallas and facilities providers like Embassy Suites and Dallas Park and Recreation, we've made the Greenbelt something truly special. There is so much work still ahead that goes beyond any single budget. That's why we're launching our Project Greenbelt campaign to raise funds each year to get closer to the dream of having a privet-free Greenbelt with natural pathways dotted by native plants that help with pollution, erosion and other threats to the habitat. We're going to make this happen by setting annual fundraising goals and we'll need your help. Keep an eye out for our official announcement this month!


T-Shirt Order - Get yours!!

We are getting ready to order another batch of our awesome Bachman Lake t-shirts. Each t-shirt is $20, you can order a up to 4 total shirts at a time. You'll have the chance to specify each size. Order here!

Once we place the order and it's printed, we'll let you know at the email you provide so we can tell you how to pick it up. We are targeting dates and locations for our cleanup and meet-up events so we'll let you know!


Neighbors in the Know, May 13 6pm

Join us for a joint session of Neighbors in the Know with Friends of Bachman Lake and the Bachman/Northwest Highway Community Association. This bilingual session will feature an update on the dam reconstruction from Dallas Water Utilities, plus an overview of the Department of Aviation Master Plan. Join us via Zoom!

Plogging image with styrofoam litter in foreground

Our Monthly Cleanup is every first Saturday!

You just need yourself, but feel free to add friends and family to our monthly Plogging activities. Basically, it's picking up litter while jogging (or walking). A bag, some company if you like, and a trip around the lake will help you stay active and healthy and keep the park beautiful!

Meet and Greet the group at the Bluffview Growler on Northwest Highway every 4th Wednesday at 5pm

Every 4th Wednesday

Our meeting of the minds is at the Bluffview Growler on NW Highway every 4th Wednesday of the month at 5pm. This causal neighborly gathering features fun and good conversation over snacks and beverages.


Thank you for reading the Friends of Bachman Lake newsletter. Do you want to join the mailing list? Are you already on the list and need to update your information? Just click on the link below!



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