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The Time Is Now!

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

2024 Bond Program Town Halls are underway and your voice is needed
2024 Capital Bond Program Brochure Image

The City of Dallas is currently conducting Town Hall meetings to discuss priorities for the upcoming $1B Bond proposal. Citizens will vote on this Bond measure in 2024.

It’s extremely important for you to have a say on how the money is allocated, so that every dollar goes toward what residents are asking for.

For an overview of the program and the subcommittee assignments select the button below:

Two key ways to make our voice heard:

1) Attend a Town Hall

There are two in-person Town Hall meetings near Bachman Lake. Please come and make your voice heard!

Thursday, June 22 6:00PM

Bachman Lake Park Recreation Center

2750 Bachman Drive, Dallas, TX 75220.

Thursday, June 29 6:00PM Walnut Hill Recreation Center

10011 Midway Road, Dallas, TX 75229.

You can access the full schedule of meetings here (PDF file):

2) Email a Subcommittee Member

Even if you intend on showing up to the meetings in person, please email a Bond subcommittee member. The more times the community asks for funds for specific projects, the better the chances of funding.


Below is a list of the Bachman Area needs that should be added to the bond list and should be communicated to the various subcommittees and district representatives:

District 6 – Parks Requests Joe Carreon – D6 Parks Subcommittee Member

  • Fund a master plan for Bachman Lake Park

  • Create a connection trail between the new Aquatic Center, the planned Skate Park and the Bachman Lake Trail

  • Build a parking lot at the Aquatic Center following new environmental standards

  • Secure needed lighting for the Skate Park

  • Complete the Bachman Lake Trail at the Webb Chapel Bridge

  • Park Entry and Educational Signage at NW Hwy/Timberlake, Webb Chapel Ext/Denton, Webb Chapel Ext/Bachman Dr, Lemmon/NW Hwy, Webb Chapel Bridge

  • Remove the asphalt and create a tree grove in the area between the Webb Chapel and Lemmon Ave bridges

  • Renovate Bachman Lake auditorium

  • Renovate accessible playground

  • Install trash collectors for all stormwater outlets at Bachman Lake

District 6 – Streets/Connectivity Requests Sharon Howard – D6 Streets Bond Subcommittee Member

  • Create a protected bike facility/trial to connect Bachman Lake to the DART station and to Campion Trail (feasibility study partially funded by County)

  • Create a protected bike facility/trial to connect Bachman Lake to Trinity Strand Trail (see City Bike Plan)

  • Create a protected bike facility/trial to connect Bachman Lake to Northaven Trail, leveraging Denton Dr (see City Bike Plan)

  • Crosswalks on Northwest Highway @ Webb Chapel Ext, Timberline, and Webb Chapel Road to facilitate safe pedestrian connection to Bachman Lake Park

  • Shorecrest Drive Complete Street from Harry Hines to Lemmon Ave: 2 lane vehicular, one biking, one parking (Matching funding available from County)

  • Webb Chapel Ext at Bachman Drive crosswalk to facilitate safe crossing to Bachman Lake Park

  • Webb Chapel Ext. at Denton Drive Crosswalk and Pedestrian Safety Island to facilitate safe connection to Bachman DART station and Bachman Lake Park

  • Traffic Calming Measures/Road Diet on Webb Chapel Ext. from Lombardy to Denton Drive

District 13 – Parks Requests

Kate Meacham – D13 Parks Bond Subcommittee Member

  • Bridges for the Bachman Greenbelt and to connect the north and south nature trails at the Bachman Greenbelt

  • A trail to connect the Bachman Lake Trail to the Bachman Greenbelt

  • Purchase land around Gavin Cemetery to create a pocket park and trail access to Bachman Greenbelt for all the neighborhoods along NW Highway and also for Midway Hollow.

  • Create a trail to connect the Bachman Greenbelt to Bachman Lake Trail

  • Erosion control measures along the Bachman Greenbelt to protect parkland - this may require working with the Stormwater subcommittee

District 13 – Streets Requests

Candice Cook Irvin – D13 Parks Bond Subcommittee Member

Email: TBD, in the interim, please email Council Member Gay Willis

  • Crosswalk at Northwest Highway and Thornberry to facilitate safe pedestrian connection to Bachman Lake Park

While District 2 information is updated further, please address your asks to Council Member Jesse Moreno,

Thank you again for being a friend!


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