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We Need Fresh Minds to Keep Things Going!

Dear Friend,

Since 2019, Friends of Bachman Lake has become a driving force for change and positive improvements in Northwest Dallas. In 5 short years, we have made a huge difference: we've kept Bachman Lake from being drained, ensured Love Field Airport did not build a north entrance into the park, secured $600,000 for a study to connect Bachman Lake Trail to the Campion, and installed 1 mile of nature trails in the Bachman Greenbelt.

We are always on the lookout for mighty minds to join our Board of Directors and navigate the politics of city issues, help advocate for our needs, raise money, and ensure the safety, cleanliness and vibrancy of Bachman Lake Park and its surrounding communities.

Our board meets the second Monday of the month at noon for a one hour Zoom meeting. Three times a year, in lieu of the board meeting, we meet face-to-face at either the Bluffview Growler or On-Rotation Brewery. Each member of the board also helps with a major clean-up once a year and we look for them to help us achieve our Five Goals for 2024:

1. Establish the plan to turn the Bachman Greenbelt into a Native Arboretum

2. Help plan and be part of ribbon cuttings for the Bachman Greenbelt nature trails, the Bachman Skate Park and the new Lemmon Ave Trail

3. Implement wayfinding signs around Bachman Lake Park

4. Increase volunteer engagement through improved communication and “fun events

5. Lobby for city investments and raise $25,000

If you or someone you know would like to become a Friends of Bachman Lake Board Member, please contact us at  to start the conversation. We are proud of everything we have accomplished, but there is more work ahead of us to make Bachman Lake Park the true gem of Northwest Dallas!


Friends of Bachman Lake



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