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Wishing You a Happy New Year!

Updated: Jan 3

We are filled with gratitude for the progress made in 2023!

For our January newsletter, let's take a look back at what you helped make happen:

Our Favorite 3 Moments of 2023

A Nature Trail in the Bachman Greenbelt.

With the help of The Gables Residential and Greenspace Dallas, we finally cut through the privet jungle and created a nature trail. In addition, behind the Embassy Suites, there is now a beautifully designed (courtesy of RootedIn) landscaped trailhead filled with Texas natives. This project has been 4 years in the making and we are beyond ecstatic!

Bachman Lake T-Shirts - A First.

It was so fun to work earlier this year with locally-owned Bullzerk to create t-shirts that the community would love to wear. We obviously bought some for ourselves and were so gratified when people around the metroplex also bought them! Clearly we are not the only ones that love Bachman Lake!

Increased Interest and Attention.

In 2023 we had a significant uptick in volunteer events with schools (Hockaday, St Marks, Cistercian) and companies (TBG Partners, Southwest Airlines, Bank of America, OnRotation Brewery). We have also had a lot of new folks sign-up for volunteering and for the newsletter. At the government level, we saw support from City Council for the park when they rejected the plan for an airport north entrance, yay!

Looking Ahead to 2024

A Master Plan for the Bachman Greenbelt.

Funding, sponsors, designs, volunteers, maintenance - a lot is needed to make the Greenbelt a Texas native garden. We are trying to put that plan together while also continuing the basic work of battling the privet jungle.

Directing Major Infrastructure Investments to the Bachman Area.

We always say that the safest way to get to Bachman Lake Park is driving, that is why we need to continue to apply pressure and ensure that 2024 bond funds being directed to the Bachman Area stay protected. These projects will make a huge difference in creating safe passage to the park and also connectivity within the park. We are crossing our fingers that this happens - a few emails don't hurt.

Making Everyone a Part of the Park.

We are very small volunteer board and to coordinate the cultural and fun events that we would like to see at Bachman Lake, we need to call upon the talents of our community of volunteers. We know the same folks can't handle every event (nor can we) but maybe we can find a better way to work together.

If you believe in our mission of improving the green spaces at Bachman, please make a contribution to help us start 2024 in the strongest way possible.



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