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A special non-profit with a long history in the Bachman Area

by Sarah Causey, AFIL Executive Director

Hi neighbors! We’re AFIL (Association for Independent Living) and we’re thrilled to be reconnecting with all of you here in the Bachman Lake Community!

AFIL is a twenty-four hour educational and residential program for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our mission is to help our residents reach their most independent and interdependent abilities to hopefully one day live on their own. We were founded in this same community in 1979 by a family who had a son with a disability, and over 40 years later, we’re still here and thriving!

We are a unique program in that we are a transitional, residential program tailored to meet the needs of each individual. Each person stays in the program for as long as they need to grow, mature, and learn to maximize the level of their abilities. The curriculum is based upon the residents’ abilities rather than their disabilities. While in our program, residents learn to cook, clean, manage money, enhance their social skills, improve their decision-making process, and often, find more purpose for their life than if they were to be at home, isolated from others their age. The biggest focus of our program is the vocational piece. We believe that to have meaningful purpose, and to learn true responsibility and accountability, working in some capacity is vital for all. We partner with other programs and vendors in our community to achieve job and volunteer positions for all of our residents."

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities are an underserved population who deserve the opportunity to live a full and independent life within their communities. Our goal at AFIL is to develop these skills in our young adults so that they can live independently and become contributing citizens. We are extremely proud to be a leading organization of our kind in the North Texas area, and even more proud to be part of this wonderful community for over 4 decades.

The Bachman Lake Community has been such a kind and supportive community for our residents and facilities over the years, and has allowed us to be part of significant history. We hope to continue this for many years to come.

We would love to meet and get to know you! Whether you have a loved one whom you believe would benefit from our services, or you’d simply like to know more about us and help us support the great work that Friends of Bachman Lake is doing, we’re here and ready to connect!

Here’s how you can find us:

Twitter handle #afilfilledlife

Here’s how you can reach us:

Main office phone: 214-351-0798



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