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Contemplating Bike Plans: "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again... and again and again"

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

We were so discouraged when we accessed the Dallas Interactive Bike Map to enter our comments and found that pretty much everything we spent the last three years working on was not included. We shook off our disappointment and went to attend the first feedback session at the Bachman Lake Recreation Center to ask the Bike Planning team "what gives?" We went prepared with all of our maps and funding documents, which must have given us some credibility, and lo-and-behold we gained an audience to meet in person to review the corrections.

The session went well and we were relieved to hear that the items missing were also funded, so we are not going to be at the back of the bandwagon! We also learned that you have until November 16th to add your comments to the interactive map. Please do, as we are still hedging our bets and want to make sure Northwest Dallas' needs are met!

Because we know your time is precious, we have put together a short list of key items that you can add to the map:

  • The planned connection from Bachman Lake Trail to the Campion Trail via the Frasier Dam Recreation Area is missing. The analysis for the trail is fully funded.

  • Safe passage (a bridge?) is needed from Bachman Lake Park to the Bachman DART station and Harry Hines Park.

  • Denton Drive complete street from Walnut Hill to Inwood Station should be represented as a planned bike trail/lane that would connect Northaven Trail to the Trinity Strand Trail. The map only shows short sections.

  • Bachman Lake Trail at Webb Chapel Bridge needs to be completed by removing a lane of vehicular traffic and allocating it to pedestrian / cycling.

  • Shorecrest from Lemmon Ave to Harry Hines should be a complete street with 2 vehicular lanes (one in each direction), plus one for parking and one for biking. This should connect to the gravel ride paths and the proposed new trail along the Trinity.

  • Harry Hines major sidewalks and bike lanes are built / funded from Walnut Hill to the Bachman DART station. The Harry Hines Medical District study shows this extending all the way down to Inwood but it's missing on the map.

  • Hawk signals along Northwest Highway have been funded (MCIP 7th Call) for safe passage between neighborhoods on the North and South sides of the road. These dollars could be used for dedicated signals. One is needed at Timberline and another at Thornberry.

  • A road diet, bike lanes / pedestrian access or other connector is needed around Webb Chapel Extension / Lombardy to Harry Hines / Denton Dr.


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