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Drumroll ... Love Field narrows down choices for an alternate entrance. But where will it be?

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

This post was initially released via email to subscribers. In order to provide access to all, we are also placing a slightly modified version here in our blog. The presentation by the Aviation Department outlines all the entrance options considered by Love Field and the 5 favored.

Love Field is seeking approval from the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on the 5 down-selected options for their alternate entrance; the presentation with their analysis was released Friday, May 15th, for approval at the May 18th meeting.

It is unfortunate that Love Field has chosen not to establish a community task force prior to presenting the down-select options to Committee. Their concern for the quality of life of the surrounding communities is not reflected in the criteria used and their data analysis is incomplete. In addition, this once in a lifetime opportunity to improve the Northwest Highway / Denton Drive area is probably lost, as they have removed Denton Drive as an entrance option.

If you have concerns about the impact the alternate entrance will have on Bachman Lake Park or your neighborhood, please take the time to view the presentation and email the members of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. Don't forget to copy your City Council representative.



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