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Fish stock: What's swimming in Bachman Lake these days?

We met last year with the Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD) representative that was working on updating the fishery report for Bachman Lake. It was important for us to ensure that TPWD and Dallas Water Utilities (DWU) were engaged as plans for the dam reconstruction progressed. One of the points mentioned by TPWD is that there are not any fish nursery areas in the lake. Not sure how we address this but please contact us if you are interested in helping!

The photos are a composite representation of anglers that come to Bachman Lake from all over the Metroplex. Some fish from the edge of the lake and others take their boats upstream. In case you are curious, the record catch for Largemouth Bass was in May 2009 (7.8 lbs 22") by Dan Halen and for Channel Catfish it was in May 2015 (1.95 lbs 17") by Jorge Castaneda.

You can find the latest survey report, stocking history, and lake records here.

For those of you that want it now, here you go!

  • Threadfin Shad were present in the reservoir in low numbers. Electrofishing catch of Gizzard Shad was very high, and all Gizzard Shad were available as prey to most sport fish. Electrofishing catch of Bluegill was high, but very few Bluegill were over 6-inches long.

  • The Channel Catfish catch rates were very low and the size structure suggests limited recruitment. No Flathead or Blue Catfish were collected during surveys.

  • Largemouth Bass were abundant, with high numbers of legal-size fish available to anglers. Body condition was good and proportional size distribution (PSD) suggests that size structure has shifted to a population of larger individuals.

  • White Crappie: White Crappie were moderately abundant with legal-size fish available to anglers. Body condition was good for all size classes.

...our addition: One lonely Koi that must have escaped a pond from upstream. We fondly call him Fanta.

Photos courtesy of: @dfwflyfishing @fin_the_fisherman @robertodromero @blue_laces_outdoors @bigdawghawgs @davidflyinhawaiian @thereelgills



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