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Friends of Bachman Lake: Who we Are & What we Do

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Friends of Bachman Lake was founded in 2019 with the mission of protecting and improving Dallas’ open spaces in and around Bachman Lake. Bachman Lake was originally constructed in 1903 by damming Bachman Branch and creating a 205 acre water source for Dallas residents. The Lake is the northern border of Historic Love Field Airport and is the third largest body of water in the City of Dallas, hosting more daily visitors than any other Dallas park. Friends of Bachman Lake (FoBL) coordinates with the City of Dallas, Dallas County, DART, Love Field, and Dallas Water Utilities to advocate for the park and its local residents. Northwest Dallas has one of the lowest concentrations of open spaces in the city and is home to many communities that do not have safe, convenient, and affordable access to parks and natural spaces. For this reason FoBL was founded with the mission of:

  • Having a clean and safe park

  • Improving biking and walking safety and trail connectivity

  • Providing access to green spaces

  • Improving park amenities and facilities

FoBL runs multiple programs around Bachman Lake including the Green Team, Trail Blazers and Adopt-A-Shoreline. All programs are funded from donations by local businesses and residents. Over 98% of donations go directly to park programs and improvement. Currently FoBL focuses its time and effort on:

  • Improving safe passage for residents to the park by advocating for street improvements and traffic calming measures

  • Connecting Bachman Lake Trail to broader Dallas trail system, the DART station and the Irving Campion Trail via the Frasier Dam Recreation Area

  • Completing the Bachman Lake Trail and reactivating the Bachman Greenbelt, and

  • Seeking volunteers to help clean the shoreline and care for trees

There's no better time than now to volunteer!



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