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Friends of Bachman Lake is launched

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Friends of Bachman Lake, an advocacy group under the guidance of the Dallas Parks Foundation, has been formed with a new mission to look after the beautification, upkeep and safety of Bachman Lake Park in Northwest Dallas. Friends of Bachman Lake will be actively creating awareness and advocacy programs to protect the park and lake and will host future events focused on clean-up, vegetation, education, physical activities and more. The group accepts direct online donations, marking the first time that any Bachman Lake advocacy group has launched with this capability.

A Mission, A Promise

Friends of Bachman Lake will seek to enlist more “friends of the lake” through donations and sponsorship opportunities in an effort to supplement deficiencies in direct city funding. The group feels that a lack of sufficient resources has limited the ability of the park to attract the kinds of interest and activities seen in other parks around Dallas despite recent upgrades to trails, vegetation and signage.

Friends of Bachman Lake President Susanna Brown wants to keep the often overlooked park front and center, noting “Bachman Lake was created in 1903 and efforts to advocate for the lake have been few and far-between.” In addition to Brown, Friends of Bachman Lake will be led by a team of local residents and advocates, including Dianna Slaton (Vice President); Joe Carreón (Treasurer); Michael Cintron (Communications); and current District 6 Parks and Recreation Board representative and longtime resident, Tim Dickey.

The park and lake sit north of Dallas Love Field, drawing residents from neighborhoods in three City Council Districts (District 6, District 2, and District 13) and beyond. Friends of Bachman Lake Park will look to enlist City Council Members as key “friends of the lake” to keep the park and lake in mind when making decisions affecting the surrounding communities. The lake itself is in desperate need of dredging, among other upgrades, and the Council will play a key role in funding the needed improvements. City officials are also considering the future of the lake and park – options that range from shrinking the lake to keeping all or most of the lake’s footprint intact. A unified voice is vital to ensure that any decision puts the needs of the area's residents first.

Be a Friend

Friends of Bachman Lake is committed to providing communication on these and other urgent issues that affect the lake and park and encourages interested friends to follow the group on social media. Please consider making a tax-deductible and be sure to forward this information to others. We will be sending information next week about key city meetings that will need Bachman Lake supporters.

Be sure and share this information with your friends and neighbors through your social channels and neighborhood boards.



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