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FoBL Newsletter - August 2021

“Nothing can substitute for just plain hard work.” —Andre Agassi, gold-medal tennis player

We have eight new board members on the Friends of Bachman Lake Board. It's exciting to see such great representation from the surrounding neighborhoods and we thank them all for volunteering!

Celeste Crispin

Nick English

Amanda Forrest

Toby Grove

Andrew Matheny

Wendi Mueller

Nicole Vilchis

Christian Yoss


The last month has been pretty busy with community meetings. Check out the Skate Park update from August 4th via our Facebook page! Also, there was so much information on the NCTCoG Bachman Area Planning Study that we had to write a detailed piece which you can read here!


Join us for a Heart Walk on September 11th at Bachman Lake Park. We are excited to join Bachman Lake Together and Love Field in this cause. Please register and remember that fundraising is optional!


Believe it or not, Bachman Lake was ground zero for the Dallas skate scene in the mid 80s, thanks to the once-popular Clown Ramp. Skating was free and the ramp was lit at night like a pinball machine. Check out our recent blog post about it!


Love Field held its quarterly Good Neighbor Program meeting and the concerns from the surrounding area were clearly about all the noise from the planes, the runway construction and the lack of controls for late night flights. Read more about this problem and let us know what you think we need to do to hold the City accountable as a 'good neighbor'.


Smart cities invest in: internet, alternate modes of transportation, green spaces, safety. The proposed Dallas city budget was released on August 7th and we at FoBL encourage citizens to attend Budget Town Hall meetings and voice their support for parks, libraries and safe connections. Learn more about the budget here.


North Texas Giving Day is September 23, when nonprofit groups in the region ask for your support. There are many worthy organizations raising money in this annual campaign, and we ask for your consideration as well. As we started work this spring on the Bachman Lake Greenbelt nature trails, we discovered that 8 bridges would be needed in order to navigate the culverts. We need your help raising the dollars to build them! Please donate to Dallas Parks Foundation and add Friends of Bachman Lake in the notes to direct your gift accordingly.


The first step to addressing a problem is to be informed, to have the data. We have worked with the Dallas Police Department to provide you on a monthly basis the crime stats for the Bachman Area, this report goes through the end of June. By the way, the Reporting Area (RA) numbers listed in the report can be found on DPD map Section 520 and DPD Section 530.



Our monthly plogging event is every 2nd Saturday of the month – at whatever time works for you! Bring one of those plastic bags we all have around the house and put it to good use. Walk the path or meander off of it and pick up trash. It’s great for the hamstrings! Give a shout-out to anyone you see walking around the lake with a plastic bag - they are clearly FoBLers!

The community has spoken and asked for the Meet and Greet be moved to 5PM, we are not ones to get in the way of a cold beer! See you for our ‘meeting of the minds’ at Bluffview Growler on the 4th  Wednesday of the month. No RSVP needed.


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