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FoBL Newsletter - June 2021 Summer Series

Life is better than death, I believe, if only because it is less boring, and because it has fresh peaches in it — Alice Walker

And so it begins ...

Construction on the aquatic center has started. The Post Oaks are gone and the Parks Department should have deposited $250,000 in the tree reforestation fund. We need to work with City Council to make sure those dollars are reinvested in trees at Bachman Lake and other public areas in NW Dallas.


Speaking of City Council, we are very excited about the incoming City Council representative team, they are folks that believe in neighborhoods and parks! Jesse Moreno will be representing D2, Omar Narvaez D6 and Gay Donnell Willis D13. Now we just need to give them a little time to settle down, before we talk to them about the Bachman Area.


This is your last weekend to comment about transportation issues in Northwest Dallas. The interactive map gets shut down by NCTCoG on June 14th. We did a special mailing recently if you need a quick 'how to' on entering your information.


Have you seen these yard signs around Walnut Hill School and wondered what they are all about? From what we found on their website, the issue is that DISD is wanting to rezone the area to allow for a very large building on the entirety of the former Walnut Hill Elementary School.



We are going to take a break this summer from producing Neighbors in the Know. Not sure how the format will evolve and would love to get your input. What do you think? Take a quick poll.


The first step to addressing a problem is to be informed, to have the data. We have worked with the Dallas Police Department to provide you on a monthly basis the crime stats for the Bachman Area (click on this link to see the PDF). By the way, the Reporting Area (RA) numbers listed in the report can be found on DPD map Section 520 and DPD Section 530.



Our monthly plogging event is every 2nd Saturday of the month – at whatever time works for you! Bring one of those plastic bags we all have around the house and put it to good use. Walk the path or meander off of it and pick up trash. It’s great for the hamstrings! Give a shout-out to anyone you see walking around the lake with a plastic bag - they are clearly FoBLers!

Also, don't forget to join us at our monthly ‘meeting of the minds’ at Bluffview Growler. It's on the 4th Wednesday of every month from 4-6PM. No RSVP needed. Note that this activity is subject to COVID related restrictions and proper social guidelines.


Do you want to join the mailing list? Are you already on the list and need to update your information? Just click on the link below!



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