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Trains, Planes, Automobiles...oh and Bicycles and Pedestrians Too

Want to have a say in how the Bachman Area's future is mapped? The opportunity to provide comments on biking, walking, public transit and vehicular traffic has been extended to June 14th. We're providing you with an overview of the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) interactive mapping tool that can help you make a difference.

How much of a difference can it make? We really caught the attention of NCTCoG and TxDOT when we provided video of the flash flooding on Northwest Highway, under the Denton Drive bridge. Formally logging this in the interactive mapping tool provided by NCTCoG really ensured that this long-term issue cannot continue to be ignored.

Do you or your neighbors have other concerns? This is really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to effect change in our area, including logging your opposition to a north entrance to the airport. As we have pointed out previously, the airport alternate entrance is on hold pending the output of this work. If you missed our live demo of the mapping tool, you can still watch it on Facebook or from the video on our website.

Online Map Tool (in English and Spanish)

Go online to to access the online interactive map and add locations that need improvements. It's important that you include your comments too!

Paper Map Packet (Available in English and Spanish)

Contact one of the locations below to pick up, fill out and return a printed map and form with your comments (no internet required):

  • Grauwyler Park Branch Library

  • Bachman Lake Branch Library

To give you an idea of the power of your voice, here are some comments that have been added so far to the map.

  • The Webb Chapel bridge should be solely for pedestrian / biking use. It is currently a safety issue as people have to walk in the road because the sidewalk is so narrow. The City could make this an observation / viewing place for watching planes and a place for fishermen to fish, a setup similar to what was done on the Commerce St. bridge downtown. There is no need for this vehicular shortcut when cars can use either the Lemmon Avenue bridge or go to Denton Drive.

  • (At NW Hwy and Lemmon): Commercial area with shops and restaurants are cut off from surrounding neighborhoods. No crosswalks between Midway and Lemmon.

  • There is a high volume of traffic on Capps and Shorecrest cutting from Midway to Lemmon. Either speedbumps need to be put in or access to Lemmon needs to be limited. There are no sidewalks on Shorecrest or Capps so pedestrians are at major risk of being injured.

  • (At NW Hwy and Ovella): Add a hawk signal for kids to be able to get to the park or back home from school.

  • Need sidewalks along Harry Hines - There are schools in this area and kids have to walk on the street to get to/from school.

  • Significant back-ups on Webb Chapel Bridge as cars use this as a shortcut to Northwest Highway.

Below are some screens shots to help you navigate the tool:

Here are the types of comments that you can add under Roadway, Transit, Community and Pedestrian / Bicycle:



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