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#Plogging is yielding results

Plogging is yielding results at Bachman Lake Park
You can scan the QR code in the image to access the Plogging Report.

Plogging is the act of picking up litter while jogging, and every little bit does help. KeepDallasBeautiful is helping us do just what its name implies: Keep our parks beautiful and healthy by creating a Plogging Report which every plogger can complete after each activity. We're encouraging our friends at Northaven Trail and Whiterock Lake to use the Plogging Report as well, since keeping our city beautiful is a year-round team effort.

Want to know how much a difference it makes? In July alone, KeepDallasBeautiful, Groundwork Dallas and Friends of Bachman Lake teamed up with more than 40 volunteers to help clean up trash and debris around Bachman Lake. In two days, 56 bags full of trash were collected, totaling over 1600lbs. Debris weighing over 2500lbs, mostly from the severe storms in June, was also cleared.

If you've been following Friends of Bachman Lake here or on social media, you're probably aware that our group has a Plogging event every second Saturday each month. Now you can add some logging to your #Plogging, and note your success! Check out our events page for details.

As we mentioned in our lastest newsletter, Bachman Lake has never been cleaner thanks to the help of all of our friends. Let's help keep it that way! See you at the next event, Saturday, September 14.



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