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May Newsletter: Hitting the ground running

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

If you care about the community and the environment, these are some events you should mark on your calendar:

Bachman Recreation Center Public Meeting Newly re-elected Council Member Omar Narvaez and Park Board Representative Tim Dickey invite you to a public meeting to discuss the scope of the interior remodel for the recreation center.  We need to make sure that the city plans can be maintained and supported in the long term, especially given the proposed cuts to the park's maintenance and security budgets.

TUESDAY, MAY 7 2019 6:30PM-8:00PM 2750 Bachman Dr, Dallas, TX 75220

Plogging on May 18th Bachman Lake would like to be ground zero in Dallas for the plogging phenomenon that has taken over Europe.  Plogging is a combination of jogging with picking up litter.  It started in Sweden around 2016, following increased concern about plastic pollution.  As a workout, it provides variation in body movements by adding bending, squatting and stretching to the main action of running, hiking or walking.  Our first opportunity to put this in action will be on May 18th, as part of Dallas' 'Operation Beautification'.  Come join us: bring a couple of up-cycled grocery bags for yourself and to share with others.  Walk the lake and plog! 

Go to the Climate Action Plan meetings or take the survey!  The City of Dallas is hosting community meetings regarding the creation of their Climate Action Plan, which according to Downwinders Jim have not been well attended.  The article notes the locations of the next meetings and also some tips if you fill out the survey from the comfort of your home! Next Love Field Meeting: Save the Date

Please mark your calendar to attend the next Love Field Good Neighbor meeting which will take place on Tuesday, July  23, 2019 at Arlington Park Recreation Center at 6 p.m.NewsLove Field Good Neighbor Meeting - things you should know: The Airport is conducting a traffic study for the entire area around Love Field.  This appears to be in preparation for a recommendation to create a north entrance to the airport, over Bachman Lake. The next airport update to City Council is in August.  We should plan on attending that meeting!A large parking structure for Southwest Airlines maintenance is being planned along Shorecrest. FoBL and other audience members recommended modifications to Shorecrest to sustain the traffic, including considering one-way traffic flow.The Airport is focused on improving sidewalks and access on Herb Kelleher Drive and is budgeted for a path along the East side of Lemmon Ave, from Shorecrest to Lovers Lane. Citizens should push for these paths to be in the 2020 budget.The west runway will be rebuilt starting in 2020, which will increase noise for neighborhoods north and east of the airport. The Aviation Department plans to inform affected households before construction begins.  

Bachman Lake's footprint to remain unchanged

On April 8th, The Dallas Mobility Solutions, Infrastructure & Sustainability Committee approved a recommendation by the Bachman Lake - Love Field Task Force to keep the footprint of the lake as is and to time proposed dredging with the rebuilding of the dam.  

Cleaning the Lake A large amount of plastic flows into the lake from storm drains and creeks.  In April, there were two clean-up events, one coordinated by Cub Scout Pack 836 and the other by the Dallas Parks Department.  We appreciated the partnership with Keep Dallas Beautiful and the Dallas Rowing Club in picking up trash and removing logs from the lake.  Also, a big thanks to the Dallas Police Department for their bike patrols!

Braniff Center renovation and Bachman Lake Park We have summarized information from various articles about the Braniff Center renovations. The abandoned mid-century modern building is getting new lease on life and we hope that this will spur the Airport to accelerate the construction of crosswalks, sidewalks and bike paths along Lemmon Avenue to Shorecrest.  

Braniff Center renovation mock-up - note the lack of pedestrian/cycling access.

Get Involved

What is the future of Bachman Lake Park? How about a bridge over the lake or a connection into the Trinity River?  How about dredging and plastic trash?  How do we do right and ensure that the park is an asset to the community?  We need your help in becoming a member of Friends of Bachman Lake and applying your talents to areas such as:

  • Cycling / Pedestrian

  • TrailsSafety and Security

  • Local and Corporate Business Outreach

  • School Outreach

  • IT

  • Communications

  • State and Federal Grants

  • Fundraiser Events

  • Arts Outreach

  • Special Projects

Already on our mailing list? You can update your information by following the instructions to update your profile to add your interests. 



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